ERP Solutions

ODOO is the fastest growing business management solution. It is an integrated ERP architecture that optimizes work flow of an organization by bringing functions that were once housed with their own database such as financial, manufacturing, sales, purchases and warehouse management into a unified database that one can manage from a single point. ODOO features includes Accounting & Financial, Sales & Services, Procurement and Logistics Execution, Inventory management, Human Resource Management, Product development and Manufacturing, Reporting and Analytics, Corporate services.

The success of any business lies in effective communication and proper data exchange within its internal departments. Any kind of delay in the data exchange between the core processes and administration functions will be a remarkable hurdle for the progress of any company and that can lead to failure of any business. To overcome from this problem, a concept, ‘ERP’ came into existence. ERP, the vast tool, capable of integrating internal business processes of any organization, is so called termed as Enterprise Resource Planning. In actual, ERP is a wide centralized database where all the inter-departmental data is stored. ERP integrates business solutions for the core processes Production Costing, Capacity and Control, Warehouse and Logistics, Project Planning & Task Analysis, Sales and CRM to the main administration functions like accounting and human resource of an enterprise.

eCommerce Solutions

Magento is an interesting open source Content Management System that is owned completely by E-commerce giant eBay. It is the most flexible platform used by world’s leading brands to power their business. In its previous avatar it was called Bento and you will find that it is a platform that has been designed to take care of the needs of online businesses. In fact it is tailor made to work well for ecommerce websites. You could have one or multiple websites; all you have to do is log in through a single portal, and can manage all of them.